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High Value Item Moving

The word high value item will mean different price points depending on what moving company you use. Approximately any item that is worth $100 per pound or more would be considered high value or any single item worth over $1000. High-value belongings include: high-end exercise equipment, curved glass, artwork, jewelry, handbags, crystal, china, paintings, sterling silver and precious metals, figurines/statues, precious stones and gems, oriental rugs, furs, rare collectibles, and formal attire.

Professional High Value Item Movers

moving high value items

Mastodon Moving hires and trains movers who are equipped to help you protect and transport all your things, even the more expensive ones. So how do professional high value item movers help you move high-value items?

  • High Value Inventory Form – A high value inventory form is a form that moving companies provide at the beginning of your move. It allows you to identify high-value items and keep track of their condition upon delivery. These high value items should be indicated on your inventory form
  • High Quality Materials – Mastodon Moving moving crews will come prepared to protect your expensive belongings using high-quality materials like double-walled boxes for fine china or custom-made wooden crates for artwork.
  • Trained Crews –  Moving crews are trained to pack all your belongings correctly, especially the high-value ones.

Avoiding High Value Moving Pitfalls

The easiest way to avoid damages to high-value items during a professional move is to make sure you:

  • Show all high-value items to your moving crew on move day. Your crew chief will take a picture or note the high value on an inventory
  • Fill out the high value inventory form and make sure you and your mover sign it before and after the move

A high value inventory form is not the same as proof of value for any specific item listed. The high value inventory form helps you take note of the item’s condition at the pick up and deliver. If you need to file a claim after delivery, you’ll still have to prove any amount that you claim.

Avoiding Damage To High Value Items

Remember, moving companies are only liable for what they pack. Therefore, if your high value items are packed incorrectly, they will not be covered on a move. It is best to let the movers at Mastodon Moving pack these for you. These items include: fine china, artwork, figurines, chandeliers, curved glass furniture, ornate woodwork, antiques, clocks, pianos and any items that are not easily replaced.

How To Move High Value Items:

  1. Make a thorough your belongings.
  2. Purchase moving insurance from your moving company for extra-valuable or sentimental items.
  3. Buy high quality moving boxes.
  4. Remove hardware and handles so they don’t fall or break off in transit.
  5. Pack delicate items individually in protective padding and boxes.
  6. Make sure everything is boxed upright so nothing moves around during loading.
  7. Clearly mark boxes containing fragile or high-value items.
  8. When possible, get help from a professional packing company.

Paying close attention to how you pack your valuables can save you the headache (and expense) of having to repair or replace them once you arrive at your new home. Additionally, when it comes to the quality of your packing materials, it’s better to be safe and splurge rather than be sorry.

Mastodon Moving movers have the training to ensure your things are packed and loaded correctly, especially heavy and bulky valuables.

Moving High Value Items FAQ

What are considered high value items?

Items that exceed $100 per pound are considered high value to move. Most moving companies also consider anything over $1000 as high value. high-end exercise equipment, crystal, china, paintings, sterling silver and precious metals, figurines/statues, precious stones and gems, oriental rugs, furs, rare collectibles, and formal attire.

What items are not covered on a move?

If you’re hiring a professional moving company, your movers will come prepared to pack all your belongings, including your 65″ TV. However, if you’re moving by yourself, you’ll want to make sure you purchase the correct boxes for your TV—preferably something that is double-walled for extra protection.

What is a high value inventory form?

A high value inventory form is a list that professional moving companies use to account for the condition of your valuables at origin (your old home) and destination (your new home). If you do not fill one out, your moving company may not be liable for damages to those belongings during transit and delivery.

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