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In 2024, there is little to no price difference whether you move during the week or weekend. While many people have more flexible work schedules, movers rates are usually the same whether you move on a Monday, Friday or Saturday. Ten years ago, a Saturday or Sunday move meant paying a premium but now, expect movers to keep the same rates.  When deciding what day of the week to move, there are a few main factors to consider like traffic patterns, when utilities can be transferred, and your personal work schedule.

The Best Day and Time to Move

America by nature is a transient state with about 25% of people moving at least once every 5 years.  Another popular moving fact – on average, an American will live in 11 different residences during their lifetime. With so many Americans moving so frequently, moving companies have adjusted to make moving a stress-free experience no matter what day and time you move:

Only opt for a move start somewhere between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. There are three reasons for this:

  • It’s not as hot in the morning: That’s right. A lot of times, your moving strategy will come down to the weather. Since more people tend to move during the spring and summer months, the temperature will be a factor in when movers will want to come out to haul your furniture around. Early morning moves allow movers to work in cooler temperatures, maximizing their abilities and keeping them moving quickly.
  • Traffic is better: If you opt for a weekday move, scheduling your move earlier in the day can help you avoid rush hour, putting the movers in transit between morning and evening rush hours.
  • Time to unpack: Ever found yourself pawing through stacks of boxes at 9 p.m., looking for a pair of sheets and a blanket to sleep on?

What’s the Cheapest Day of the Week to Move in 2024?

Moving company rates in 2024 are the same on weekdays and weekends. However, many moving companies will not do a move on a Sunday. There also used to be a large amount of people moving at the end of the month due to leases being up but in larger cities, leases can begin any day of the week. In simple terms, don’t expect movers to bend rates during the week anymore. This ship has long sailed. Learn more about Boston Mover Rates.

Do Movers Work on the Weekend?

Most, if not all, moving companies operate over the weekends. Saturday used to be the most popular moving day, as it allows people to move without interrupting their work or school schedules. In 2024 when people have more work flexibility, that is really not the case.

If you do need to move over the weekend, look for a company whose movers work Saturdays and Sundays as some moving companies to take those dates off. But remember that most people want a weekend move, so you’ll need to schedule your move as far in advance as possible. Otherwise, the company you want to work with may already be booked, especially if you’re moving during the spring or summer months.

What’s the Most Convenient Time to Move?

When trying to determine when you should move, you should consider several core factors to find a time that’s most convenient for you and offers the quickest and easiest moving experience. These factors include:

  • Distance: If it’s a long-distance move, you’ll want to avoid the busy weekend roads.
  • Weather: Hot, rainy and snowy days can make your move more challenging and could result in damage to your belongings.
  • Traffic: Peak-hour weekday traffic and busier all-day weekend traffic will increase the time it takes to move and leave you with less time to unpack afterward.

Best Time of the Year to Move

While most people tend to plan their move for the summer months, the warmer weather can make the move more challenging.  A lot of families choose to move while school is out so their children can start school at the beginning of the year.

The best months to move are the cooler fall and winter months, ideally from September to April. That said, you’ll need to consider the type of weather your region experiences during these seasons to avoid rain and snow.

How Do I Decide What Day and Time is Best for Me to Move?

Convenience in moving will look different for everyone. While one person may find that a weekday fits their needs and budget the best, another person may have no choice but to wait until their weekend off. So, before you start looking for residential movers, ask yourself, “What do I need to make this move as easy as possible for me?” There could be many answers to this question, so the best thing you can do is sit down and write out a list answering these more specific questions:

  • What day of the week would I prefer to move on? Why?
  • What time of day would I prefer to move? Why?
  • Can I be flexible with my preferred day or time?

Once you answer those three questions, you can start evaluating your options. Don’t be afraid to call several companies and ask detailed questions about their costs and availability.

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