If your residence or businesses are damaged by water, fire, smoke or mold, Mastodon Moving can help as a certified contents packout company. Our emergency move experts are your best choice for content restoration and packaging. Some scenes may require moving residence and business contents for quick and thorough cleaning and recovery. Mastodon Moving provides a full range of packout services. During the custom Mastodon packout services your goods will be kept in a safe climate controlled environment. They will stay there until the cleaning and repair process is complete. What is a packout?


During the contents packout process, we will:

  • Perform an inventory check
  • Pack and ship items to our climate-controlled warehouse
  • Provide paper copies of all items that have been shipped to our warehouse.
  • Arrange Your restoration company access to our warehouse to clean, deodorize, re-pack and store goods in our warehouse as needed.
  • Register and track content during the restoration process.
  • Schedule the items to be returned.

The fire can be extinguished, but your valuables are still in danger. We know what your property means to you – and finding an emergency moving company near you will be the first step. For the handling, cleaning and storage of valuables, our packout team has received comprehensive training in packaging and inventory management.  Your belongings will be given the best care, including photo files, ID numbers and detailed lists. Throughout the packout,  our team will process the inventory, pack and transport your items to a climate-controlled warehouse.

The types of home and office content typically packaged after disasters include everything from furniture and carpets to books, collectibles, and documents. These items can withstand damage from fire, water, smoke, soot and even mold. Upholstery and carpets may also need to be cleaned, which usually requires dehydration and drying. In addition, clothing sometimes needs to be dry-cleaned, which should also be taken into consideration.

Our automated on-site inventory process records every inventory item and tracks the status of your items from collection to return. Please rest assured that all your valuables will be cleaned, deodorized and repaired by our skilled technicians. Every item in your home usually requires a different cleaning process and method. The Mastodon Moving recovery team has  years of experience and the knowledge to properly handle any property you own.  They understand how difficult this experience is and need everything to return to its pre-loss condition, a necessary step to ensure your peace of mind during the recovery process.


Thankfully in Massachusetts there are only a few natural disasters every year. Floods and fires across the country. If you are ever involved in one, know that you have the most experienced packout company in New England to help you. Your goods remain in the damaged apartment. Our team will take your valuables out of the area and return them to you after your home has been renovated with door jamb, floor and wall protection. Our warehouse manager and staff will keep a list of every item removed from your property, including the condition and location of the item.

Damage Restore vs. Replace Decisions

If you have a fire emergency and smoke damage occurs, we will try our best to restore the entire property to the state before the damage. We advise you and your insurance agent assess and hire a restoration company to work alongside Mastodon during the emergency.

If your house is damaged by fire or smoke, we will:

  • Coordinate along with your insurance agent
  • Remove items that will not be moved, including items that will not be restored
  • Pack your things safely and we will make a detailed checklist for you, every box and every item. Your belongings will be transported to a safe place for cleaning and storage
  • Recycle, clean, deodorize, repack and store your belongings
  • Report the progress of your recovery request on a regular basis
  • Arrange for return after restoration and reconstruction

The Mastodon Moving is well-trained in handling all types of residential moving and commercial moving. In fact, we treat your items as ours. Like our moving services, our packing services are also suitable for various situations. From house fires to flash floods, our team will quickly save your belongings and bring them back after the work is completed.

Cleaning Methods:

Your restoration company will have full access to our warehouse for cleaning and re-packing.

  • Hand-washing and drying: Items must be hand-washed very carefully in order to use dry methods for water-sensitive items.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning: similar to the process used by jewelers to clean jewelry; sonic vibration helps to gently remove soot and minimize the handling of items that may cause damage. Common items for ultrasonic cleaning include blinds, collectibles and other small items.
  • Restoration Dry Cleaning: Use special cleaning services for recovery, including inventory control and documentation of clothing and textiles, including bedding, curtains, etc.
  • Furniture and upholstery cleaning: This requires special equipment, products and technicians trained and certified in the furniture industry provided by your restoration co. Furniture and upholstery cleaning: This requires restoration equipment, products, and professional technicians who have undergone furniture restoration training and certification.
  • If your home or business is affected by water, fire, smoke, or mold, restoration experts are your best choice for content restoration and packaging. We don’t just want to clean your items, we also want to restore them to their original state: if your items are by our side, our experts will treat all items with care.

 Our staff work with all insurance companies and continue to apply industry best practices. We wholeheartedly provide you with impeccable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team values every relationship with homeowners, insurance professionals, property management and real estate industries in New England.

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