Moving in Boston is probably the hardest city to move around in. Why? 

1. Storrow Drive and other low bridges in the state of Massachusetts get trucks stuck under them almost every week. Driving a truck over 10 feet in Boston or any of the other towns in MA takes experience. Trust Mastodon Moving to avoid any moving fails.

2. Narrow, hilly roads are commonplace downtown Boston and in some other nearby towns like Cambridge and Newton. Mastodon Moving knows every street in Boston and whether a large truck cannot fit. We are equipped with smaller 18 foot trucks for moves on roads like Joy Street or Acorn Street in Boston.

3. The shear number of fake moving companies that pop out of nowhere that take advantage of students and residents who don’t do their due diligence.


boston moving checklist
moving in boston


1. Make a Moving Plan: Set a timeline and budget for your move, and decide if you will be hiring professional movers or doing it yourself. You will also have to get a moving permit if you are moving in Boston.

2. Research Moving Companies: If you will be hiring professional movers, research reputable companies and get quotes.

3. Gather Supplies: Buy boxes, packing tape, and other materials you will need for packing.

4. Start Packing: Begin packing nonessential items first and label each box for easy identification.

5. Disconnect Utilities: Contact your utility companies and let them know the date you will be moving out.

6. Forward Your Mail: Contact the post office to have your mail forwarded to your new address.

7. Notify Important People: Let family, friends, banks, employers, and others know that you are moving.

8. Prepare Your Vehicle: Make sure your car is in good working order and that you have enough gas for the drive.

9. Take Final Measurements: Measure the rooms and doorways in your new home to ensure large furniture pieces will fit.

10. Have a Safety Kit: Make sure you have a firstaid kit and other important items in your car during the move.

11. Clean the Old Place: Clean the old home before you leave so you can get your security deposit back.

12. Arrive at the New Place: Arrive at your new home and begin unpacking and settling in.

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