Mastodon Moving is a commercial and office moving company in Massachusetts. We understand that office moves can be very stressful to a company’s employees and staff. At Mastodon Moving everyone, from our project managers to our professional, courteous movers, is focused on applying our expert practices to ensure that you experience the most positive move of your professional life. Our team will treat your staff with respect, proactively communicate with your project team, and handle your property with care.

Our commercial movers in Worcester have a proven process that maximizes efficiencies and minimizes disruption and downtime, ultimately leading to a successful, cost-effective relocation.  Located in between Worcester and Boston, we can respond quickly to changes in scope, move plan, or schedule. Our commercial moves have included liquidations, office relocation, dry lab moves, machinery and life sciences moving.


  • Computer recycling
  • Technology disconnect and reconnect
  • Asset liquidations
  • Storage, receipt of furniture and equipment, and delivery to site
  • Inventory


Life sciences and biotech relocations require a standard of care, attention to detail,  and expertise beyond the normal office relocation. Hiring an experienced team that possesses these qualities is the most critical component to a successful laboratory relocation.

Our team is active in the life sciences/bio-tech community as members of several organizations to support.  As everyone knows, there is no substitute for experience. Because we have spent the past 10+ years moving commercially in Massachusetts, we understand the needs of facility mangers and property managers of large office and commercial spaces. Your commercial movers should always be experts and have the following:

  • MOVE MANAGEMENT: We work with the client to formulate the most efficient and cost effective move plan.  This includes, but is not limited to, establishing a schedule with a chemical moving vendor, which generally includes lab cleaning and small equipment decontaminating, packing material (moving crates) delivery, equipment servicing, cold item transport, and finally, the move itself.
  • SENSITIVE EQUIPMENT MOVING: From our crating, craning, electric lifting tables to our customized moving carts with foam inserts, Mastodon Moving equipment is considered as the gold standard in our industry.
  • AIR RIDE TRUCKS: Mastodon Moving has custom air-ride moving trucks to navigate the potholes of Massachusetts.
  • INSURANCE VALUATION: Mastodon Moving has not had a moving claim in 10 years, because of this MASTODON MOVING is able to offer insurance valuation options unheard of in our industry.


  • Moving and Storage
  • Receipt of new equipment and delivery to site
  • Recycling and asset disposition
  • Lab specific preparation
  • Coordination with other specialty vendors


Mastodon Moving has been providing moving and storage services for the most prestigious college, universities, private schools and public schools in Worcester County.  We understand the standard of care, conduct, and expertise required in these environments.

  • moving academic departments, classrooms, and school laboratories
  • packing, moving, and unpacking professors and staff
  • relocating large academic libraries
  • clearing out dormitories for renovations
  • receiving, unpacking, and delivering new dormitory furniture

    Moving within a healthcare facility requires careful planning. Mastodon Movers moving experts can help you manage the entire process. We work with your clinicians, administrators, and project team to create a master schedule of activities and coordinate implementation, so your departments can open on time and function efficiently. With continued pressure in the healthcare industry to cut costs, healthcare facilities need an experienced moving partner to minimize downtime and maximize productivity throughout a move project.

    Commercial Moving Services:

    • HIPAA file relocations
    • Operating rooms
    • Patient rooms
    • Coordination with healthcare professionals
    • Equipment receipt, storage, and delivery


    With over 50,000 square feet of company-owned and leased warehousing space, Mastodon Moving can accommodate all of your storage needs, whether they be short-term, long-term, active or inactive.


    • Sprinklered, heated and alarmed
    • Computerized, e-mail accessible inventories
    • Digital imaging options
    • Receiving and inspecting of new equipment / furniture
    • Disposal of surplus furniture and equipment
    • Recycling of office equipment and furniture

    Commercial Moving Crates

    MASTODON MOVING offers high-quality plastic crates and special dollies that are designed for safety and efficiency.

    Packing Cost Savings:

    GREATER VOLUME = Less Boxes A moving crate holds 3.0-6.0 cubic feet of content compared to the 2.0-4.0 cubic feet of content held by a standard moving tote.  Due to the way they stack, more crates than moving totes fit into a truck.  Therefore, the volume per load is increased resulting in fewer loads which translates into reduced relocation costs. What’s more? It is better for the environment!

    REDUCED LABOR  Your employees eliminate the need for our movers to load and unload cartons onto and off of our dollies.  This reduction in labor time reduces your total moving cost.

    Safer Moving  Our packing process makes it so your employees will never have to lift anything heavier than an empty crate.  Our process eliminates the risk of potential injuries due to heavy lifting of loaded boxes or containers. Our crates are stackable as well eliminating falling boxes

    Less Claims Our crates are made of hard plastic and do not crush like cardboard boxes.  When properly packed, our crates will provide damage-proof protection for your fragile items.

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