A flat rate move, also known as a flat-rate moving service, is a type of moving arrangement where customers are charged a fixed or predetermined fee for the entire moving process. This fee typically includes various services such as packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. Unlike traditional moving services that charge based on factors like time and weight, a flat rate move offers transparency and predictability in terms of costs. This pricing model can be advantageous for individuals or businesses seeking budget-friendly and straightforward moving solutions. It provides customers with the assurance that the agreed-upon flat rate will remain consistent, regardless of any unforeseen delays or additional hours required during the move.

How Is A Flat Fee Move Determined?

For any flat rate move, an on-site estimate is a must. This allows both parties to have an accurate overview of the job. Even if your movers tell you a move is a “flat rate” over the phone – they can always change things upon arrival stating you didn’t give accurate information.

Mastodon Moving is built on transparency and ensure your move is a positive one, delivered on time and on budget with movers that go the extra mile to support you.

Flat Rate Moving Costs

Your flat rate moving fee is based on several factors:

1. Volume

We measure the volume of your move in Cubic Feet or rather the Cubic Feet of the items we are moving for you. When we prepare your moving proposal, we use our furniture and item calculator that estimates your move’s volume so we can accurately reserve the right size of truck and quote your move.

2. Mileage

The distance from your first location to your final destination, taking into account any stops along the way.

3. Complexity

Complexity of the move refers to disassembly of furniture, weight equipment, etc. The complexity of a move is also how tight the corners are, if doors need to be removed, if there is a bulkhead/garage access, and more. There are a lot of considerations which is why it is important to have an on-site moving estimate. Contact Us to schedule.

4. Special Services

Special services involves packing, crating, storage, overnight storage.

5. Access

Access is how far the truck can park to the items, long walks down driveways or hallways, elevators that are sluggish, etc.

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Why Choose A Flat Rate Mover

  • Hourly or weight based moving service you would be surprised at the additional fees that can really add up.
  • Mastodon Moving can send out a moving coordinator to provide a flat fee move to eliminate moving day surprises
  • Keeping within your budget
  • Without an on-site flat rate move, a price based on time can easily spiral out of control.

Reasons To Avoid Hourly Fee moving service

  • Doesn’t consider your fully itemized inventory list.
  • Guesses how much you move is and tells you if they can do the job.
  • May not bring enough equipment and movers to complete your job as they did not itemize inventory.
  • You can pay for however long it takes for them to move you, they may stretch out your move.
  • Given the price isn’t guaranteed, if multiple other materials are required for your move which weren’t in your estimate they can increase your charge on the day
  • Additional travel expenses can be passed on to you, like tolls and tickets.
  • Easily impacted by unexpected issues such as access.

Flat Rate Movers In Boston

Mastodon Moving can provide a flat rate moving price that means no hidden surprises, ever. We offer a guaranteed, all-inclusive flat fee, locked in before your move day. Which means the duration of your move will not impact your move price. If you need office movers or commercial movers – our moving coordinator is also able to provide B2B flat rate moving estimates.

We include all of the following services at no extra charge to you.

On any short distance move, residential move, long distance move or commercial move – these items are always packed for you:

Items We Pack As Part Of A Flat Rate

  • Smart & Flat-screen TVs – Protected and packed in oversized LCD/plasma/LED box
  • Wardrobe Clothes – Hung and packed into a wardrobe box
  • Standard sized Mirrors – Protected and packed in cardboard box
  • Lamps – Packed in lamp box with shade removed and wrapped
  • Paintings – Protected and packed in cardboard or picture crate
  • Small Art Sculptures – Protected and packed in sturdy cardboard box
  • Computers – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box and kept flat
  • Electronics – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box with bundled cabling alongside it

Furniture Protection We Provide On All Flat Rate Moves

  • Mattresses – Wrapped in plastic wrapping protection
  • Couches & Chairs – Wrapped in moving blankets and taped for protection
  • Tables – Disassembled & wrapped in blankets with cardboard crating for the glass
  • Armoires – Disassembled & double wrapped in blankets

Protection For Your Home On All Flat Rate Moves

  • Floors – On your moving day, we ensure that we carefully tread and carry your items to protect your floors.
  • Corners – Protection on the corners of walls to prevent scuffing in both your old home and on arrival at your new location
  • Hallways – Before we start moving items we add protection to the hallway passages as appropriate, to prevent damage
  • Doorways – We carefully maneuver items to shield frame from scratches

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