Moving Into Luxury Assisted Living Cons

While moving into luxury assisted living communities offer many advantages, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider before making a decision. Here are some cons to consider:

  1. Cost: The higher price tag can be a major consideration for seniors and their families, especially if they don’t have the financial means to afford it.
  2. Limited availability: Luxury assisted living communities are often in high demand. This could mean that seniors may have to wait for a long time before they can move in, or they may have to settle for a less desirable unit or location within the community.
  3. Lack of community diversity: Luxury assisted living communities may attract a specific demographic of seniors, which could lead to a lack of diversity within the community. This could limit social opportunities and make it more difficult for seniors to connect with others.
  4. Distance from family and friends: Luxury assisted living communities may be located in more affluent areas, which could be far away from family and friends. This could make it harder for seniors to maintain close relationships with loved ones.
  5. Perception of exclusivity: Some seniors may feel uncomfortable living in a community that is perceived as exclusive or elitist. This could lead to feelings of isolation or exclusion from the wider community.
  6. Lack of Space: Luxury assisted living tends to translate into small luxurious spaces with little room for collected possessions. A solution would be to hire local movers to store your additional items long term. Learn more about downsizing.



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