When a company undergoes relocation, numerous logistical challenges arise. These include determining how to transport files and office equipment, as well as addressing the fate of computer equipment. Mastodon Moving can help with all aspects of office or commercial moving needs.  Another significant consideration is the handling of office furniture. Each business possesses distinct requirements, and there exist various strategies to effectively manage the relocation of unwanted office furniture including complete office cleanouts.

Sell, Donate, Recycle or Dump

What to do with used office furnitureShould you decide to relocate the furniture, it is imperative to ensure that your chosen movers possess the necessary expertise to safely handle all types of office furniture. Mishandling can result in damage to valuable desks, chairs, and filing cabinets.

If relocating all furniture is not the preferred option, there are several alternatives available to your company:

  1. Sell the furniture: We collaborate with furniture resellers who can evaluate and purchase your surplus office furniture. This not only reduces your moving expenses but also provides your furniture with a new purpose.
  2. Donate the furniture: Mastodon Moving partners with charitable organizations that welcome well-maintained office furniture. We can arrange for direct pick-up from your office or store the furniture for later collection by the non-profit organization. Donating furniture is an excellent way to contribute to your community.
  3. Recycle the furniture: In instances where furniture cannot be resold or donated, Mastodon Moving can facilitate its disposal through crushing and shredding, significantly minimizing the volume destined for landfills.

Office Furniture Moving

Choosing the right solution for your business: Regardless of your office furniture needs during the relocation process, prioritizing the reuse, donation, or recycling of furniture whenever feasible promotes environmentally responsible furniture disposal practices and reduces landfill waste. Mastodon Moving is the top rated Boston office moving company. Learn more about office cleanouts.

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