South Shore Movers

Plymouth is located on the picturesque South Shore of Massachusetts, with beautiful beaches, forests, and a scenic coastline. It’s a great place for outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and beachcombing. It’s rich maritime history makes Plymouth the ultimate place to live in Massachusetts if you have a strong connection to the sea, with a history of fishing, shipping, and maritime trade. The town’s waterfront is often bustling with activity and with new restaurants popping up every season, it’s easy to see why Plymouth is where many from Boston are relocating to when ready to start a family.

Plymouth maintains a good balance between city excitement and a self-contained, slower-paced environment. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, this neighborhood may check all your boxes.

If finding help with moving is the next item to cross off your list, look no further than Mastodon Moving.  We’ve done it and seen it all when it comes to Massachusetts moves. We only serve Massachusetts which means we are nearby to assist with every stage of your move, from emergency moving, furniture moving or for the items you’re not ready to unpack just yet. We also have a large warehouse with climate controlled storage.  A little help from the experts will have you making memories throughout this part of Massachusetts in no time.


  • Priscilla Beach
  • The Pinehills
  • Cedar Bushes
  • Pondville
  • Manomet Beach
  • South Pond
  • East Carver
  • Town Center
  • Billington Sea
  • North Plymouth


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