Protecting your belongings is essential when moving around. Unfortunately, it’s a common misconception that protecting your valuables during a move or renovation is easy. Considerations range from the right coverings that repel paint and liquids to insurance liability concerns since over 40% of insurance companies won’t cover your move as standard. Additionally you will need protection against dents and scuffs from bumpy roads while in transit.

Hire Local Movers

You can reduce the stress associated with moving any damage to your goods by hiring professional movers. Moving items yourself will likely cause harm to valuable items, leading to the need to replace or repair them. Using a professional moving company is the best way to remove expensive items from your home. For example, as part of your implemented, they are experienced in moving heavy and bulky items like ovens and refrigerators. Therefore, there is a significantly reduced chance of damaging expensive items.

Opt For Additional Coverage

A professional mover also comes with insurance, which is another excellent reason to use one. Moving companies are responsible for any damage to expensive items during their care. Therefore, they are liable for damages, and insurance falls upon them. You are therefore protected in case of an unfortunate event. For example, if your property needed to be replaced or repaired, you could receive compensation for the costs. Additionally, your home insurance policy contents are unlikely to be covered while the goods are in transit – a definite must when moving high value items.

If you want to protect your belongings, you should, of course, insure them yourself with your own policy or check your homeowners insurance. It is vital if you are planning on shifting items yourself. During a move, unintentional damage can occur. Therefore, you need accidental damage coverage that protects against such losses. Your standard accidental damage policy protects only against damage to your currently insured home contents. Suppose you are in the process of moving. In that case, you should always check with your insurance provider whether you are covered for transit damage. Workers that may get hurt while at your home should also be covered by your local movers.

Plastic Covers While Renovating

If you are renovating, protect valuable items like furniture and electronics with some type of covering. However, you might not realize that any old sheet isn’t going to be sufficient. For example, an old bed sheet over your new PS5 won’t protect it from a leaking paint can. In fact, it will likely allow the paint to leak through to ruin whatever is underneath. Instead, you should use thick cloth or heavy-duty plastic and boxes to prevent this from happening. These materials will repel or absorb any external abrasives or damaging chemicals.

Use Moving Blankets

As well, valuables should be protected during transit. It is OK to pack expensive furniture into a van. But that doesn’t mean even bubble wrap alone will do the trick when it comes to bumpy roads. The best way to protect things is by using furniture blankets provided by your moving company.They dramatically reduce the risk of damage from scratching and dents caused by jumps and bumps while on the road during transportation. Bubble wrap is also an excellent choice for moving valuables. Still, the costs can add up, and the materials used aren’t sustainable or environmentally friendly.

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