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Short Term Storage

As you relocate a residential or commercial space, there may be a 1 day – 6 month gap where your items will need short term storage.

Temporary Storage in BostonMany work-related relocations have a short time period where the transitioning employee is needed in the area, but before they can move into their new home. In a commercial build-out, you may need to put your offices into storage temporarily while the contractors finish.

What Is Storage In Transit?

Mastodon Moving has short term storage also known as temporary storage or storage in transit. We understand that moving isn’t always as simple as getting everything from Point A to Point B. Sometimes, you have to move everything out of your current home but can’t move into your new home for a while. Whether you have a home with a bridge loan or are a business waiting for a build out, we can help. With our short term storage services, will redeliver peace of mind and convenience to your move. This means that if you can’t take your items just yet, we will hold them for you. We will store them in our warehouse until the perfect time for delivery arrives. We can help with any commercial moving or residential moving needs that require storage.

What To Expect While My Items Are In Short Term Storage?

Storage in Transit (or short term storage) doesn’t require you unload all of your items simply to have to reload them for delivery later. For Storage in Transit services, we pack your items in a climate controlled moving vault to keep them safe, dry, clean, and easily moveable. We place the crates in our warehouse for safekeeping. They never leave our care and you don’t have storage to worry about in the middle of the moving process.  In some cases, you may need long term storage or storage longer than six months.

Storage in Transit is often used when:

  • You need moving services, as well as an overlapping storage period while you finalize arrangements for your new location.
  • You are surprised by a last-minute hang-up and need a place for your belongings to stay while you get things sorted out.
  • We cannot reach you or get in touch with you on the agreed-upon delivery date and we have to hold onto your items until a new delivery date can be chosen.

Will My Items Be Covered While In Temporary Storage?

When using Mastodon Moving as your preferred moving company, your items will be covered while in our climate controlled storage facilities. We can help customers with any short distance moving or long distance moving needs that require storage.

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